TECH in Housing – TEC in Housing Charter


Opportunity and solution focused 

We will clearly define the issues we face in meeting customer needs and understand the opportunities TEC can bring. In creating solutions, we will be aware of those that are simple and easy to implement, and recognise those that may require further development and testing. We will listen and learn from the experiences of our customers as well as other organisations who have addressed similar issues. 

Engaging with the customer

As more of our customers are living longer and often in poor health, we will maximise the benefits that TEC solutions can bring. We will do this by taking account of their needs and putting them, their families and/or carers at the heart of the co-design, testing and review of customised services, to enable customers to live in their homes safely and independently, for as long as possible.

Working in partnership

We will share ideas with others and work collaboratively with colleagues in our own organisation, as well as the wider housing sector, allied professions, universities and other research institutions.

Preventative analytics 

We will work in partnership with customers and others, including health and social care colleagues (commissioners and providers) to investigate the use of preventative analytics to achieve the greatest impact for vulnerable people. We will use the data generated to help us with strategic planning and the management of assets and services, while taking account of ethical and data privacy issues.

Service redesign

We will use technology as a key element of service redesign, providing preventative and supportive TEC solutions for existing and future customers, so that we produce better outcomes for individuals and their families and/or carers. Service redesign will include being aware of the impact of TEC on staff roles, and upskilling and supporting staff as needed. It will also include financial appraisal of the options in terms of the cost to our customers.

Supporting the workforce

We will provide leadership and support staff to enable them to adapt to the changes brought about by TEC.  We will give our staff opportunities to increase their knowledge of the role of TEC and digital healthcare, and use the insights of frontline staff to influence service redesign.

Pledge 7

Getting the infrastructure right

We will think ahead and ensure we obtain the advice and support we need to enable good decision-making when investing in any technological infrastructure or equipment used for delivering TEC solutions. This includes being aware of the opportunities provided by the analogue to digital switch over. 

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