About TEC Ready

The housing sector in Scotland has considerable reach. Social landlords (local authorities and housing associations) provide around 500,000 homes across Scotland in nearly all locations and communities. This reach, together with their contact with people who aren’t currently receiving formal care services but may in the future, has provided an opportunity to take forward a preventive agenda through technology enabled care (TEC).

TEC Ready is a national programme, funded by the Scottish Government’s TEC Programme and hosted by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA). Since 2016, the TEC Ready programme has been working with a wide number of housing organisations and individuals to promote and support the contribution that the housing sector is making to the use of TEC in housing.


Focus of TEC Ready

TEC Ready activities have included:

  • increasing awareness of the potential of TEC across the housing sector
  • roadshows and events/publicity and promotion outlining:
    • using TEC as a preventive tool for those not currently in contact with formal care
    • how TEC supports self-management
    • how TEC links to carer support
  • targeted activity, focused on case studies supporting the use of technology
  • supporting the ‘best of’ technology as part of specialist housing developments
  • production of online materials and case study examples through techousing.co.uk
  • development of the TEC in Housing Charter.


TEC Ready First Steps

Initial activity involved engaging with the housing sector through ‘expressions of interest’ for small projects to be supported through a TEC Ready grant. Of the 30 responses received, three projects went on to be supported.

The three successful projects were:

  • Tighean Innse Gall (TIG) – A Tablet for the Patient
  • Albyn Housing Society – support towards TEC development for ‘Fit Homes’
  • Angus Care and Repair – self-help app, ‘Rally Round’, to encourage people to address their own family/friend/carer support needs.

TEC Ready also held a very successful ‘Joining the Dots’ event in Stirling on 20 September 2017. With over 100 delegates attending from across the health, housing and social care sectors, this event was the first step towards a better understanding of the use of TEC across all three sectors. Joining the Dots enabled delegates from within the same health board area to discuss how TEC was supporting service delivery, health and wellbeing, as well as to start discussions about closer working relationships between health, housing and social care.

The key themes identified, which also underpin the materials on this website, were:

  • person-centred approaches to digital technology (linked to prevention/wellbeing)
  • service redesign
  • partnership working
  • connectivity
  • overcoming barriers/challenges
  • developing the workforce
  • funding.
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