About the TEC in Housing Charter

Social landlords (housing associations, RSLs and local authorities) reach into literally millions of homes, across every community in Scotland. They therefore have the potential to make a huge contribution to supporting the health and wellbeing of their communities, especially those experiencing increased levels of social deprivation, poorer health outcomes and digital exclusion.

Developed to support and underpin the use of TEC in creating and delivering housing solutions, the TEC in Housing Charter and its associated Pledges are the final deliverables from the TEC Ready project. Join those who’ve already signed up to the Charter Pledges and you’ll be signalling your organisation’s support for the use of TEC in creating and delivering housing solutions across Scotland. You’ll also be helping the housing sector as a whole to demonstrate housing’s increasing contribution.

The Charter Pledges have a strong focus on engaging customers in the design of TEC enabled services, encourage partnership working and the sharing of ideas, and include a willingness to review and redesign services to support TEC solutions for customers.

See the Charter Pledges here