Sign up to the Charter Pledges

The Charter Pledges have been created to encourage and support housing organisations wherever they may be on the TEC journey.

We understand that, for some, taking on all the Pledges straightaway wouldn’t be practical or meaningful, so we’re only asking you to sign up to those Pledges your organisation:

  • has already achieved
  • is currently working on and is some way towards achieving
  • is aspiring to as a longer-term ambition.

To sign up to the Charter, you must commit to at least three Pledges.

Sign up to the Charter Pledges here. Before continuing, please ensure you have agreement from your organisation to sign up on its behalf. 

If you have any questions at this stage, please email

Click here to sign up to the Charter Pledges.

Take a look at the Charter Pledges sign up form here.

But please remember to sign up on-line.